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Day 5: February 24

Celebrating the community impact of better brain health

Noelle LeVeaux, publisher for D Magazine Partners, and Dr. Gorilla (a.k.a. David Rodriguez).
Practice your possibility thinking by imagining the far-reaching impact of better brain health – within organizations, across communities, throughout society.
On the final day of BrainHealth Week, community leaders and changemakers came together to offer a shared vision of a hopeful future. What can each one of us do to help make this vision a reality?
Friday was also the last day of our first Daily Text Challenge, open to anyone who texted BRAIN to 888-844-8991.

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Office Hours on Instagram Live

Dr. Dan Krawczyk and Dr. Julie Fratantoni welcome Dr. Jud Brewer to Office Hours on Instagram Live for the final day of BrainHealth Week 2023.
Neuroscientists Dr. Dan Krawczyk and Dr. Julie Fratantoni welcomed a special guest for a real-time wrap up of BrainHealth Week 2023.
Dr. Jud Brewer, director of research and innovation at Brown University's Mindfulness Center, joined Office Hours to help debrief about the week's Daily Text Challenge, including the science behind habit formation, how to deal with unwanted habits, and how kindness and curiosity can encourage positive habits and strengthen brain health.

Boosting Brain Health, the Key to a Flourishing Community

Noelle LeVeaux, publisher for D Magazine Partners, and Dr. Gorilla (a.k.a. David Rodriguez).
The final day of BrainHealth Week 2023 focused on community impact. To close out the week, an array of local leaders and changemakers convened for a groundbreaking panel discussion, led by moderator Noelle LeVeaux, publisher of D Magazine Partners. Panel participants also included Dr. Jeff Zsohar, Christine Román, Byron Sanders, Max Geron and Dr. Sandra Bond Chapman (details below).
Changing the conversation about brain health helps communities thrive. Working together, we can close the brain health gap and build collective skills for the 21st century. Access to the right tools creates endless possibilities for our future.
Attendees also witnessed a visual representation of the conversation themes being created in real time by Dr Gorilla (a.k.a. David Rodriguez), a local artist specializing in live interpretive performance paintings and scribing.


Hear from Dallas-area leaders and changemakers about the potential of better brain health and discover ways to amplify the impact.


See How Science Can Create Impact

This time-lapsed video captures the work of interpretive artist Dr Gorilla (a.k.a. David Rodriguez) as he scribes a transformative panel discussion on how access to the brain health right tools can transform people's lives, commemorating several important discussion themes in real time.
Keeping with the action-oriented nature of the event, panelists and attendees were invited and encouraged to sign the artist's board as a testament of their commitment to making brain-healthy choices that will create community impact.
Eric Johnson, Mayor of the City of Dallas, official headshot

Dallas: An Advanced, Health-Minded City

A focus on better brain health can empower people and improve their quality of life. And for our communities, it can be transformative. Dallas is fortunate to have the leadership and cutting-edge science of The University of Texas at Dallas' Center for BrainHealth in our own backyard. Together, we can build healthier and more vibrant communities for generations to come. That is why I am pleased to proclaim February 20-24, 2023, as BrainHealth Week in Dallas, Texas.
Eric Johnson Mayor, City of Dallas
Download the official City of Dallas Proclamation