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Our Partners

Thank You to our 2023 Sponsors

We are extremely grateful to all of our BrainHealth Week 2023 sponsors. Thank you for helping inspire brain health in your communities.
Want to join the team for our next BrainHealth Week in February 2024?
Contact Jeremy Kaspar to learn about becoming a sponsor.

2023 Sponsors

2023 Community Partners

Partner With the Next BrainHealth Week in February 2024

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We would love for you to consider becoming a sponsor or a community partner. BrainHealth Week offers many exciting opportunities for recognition and benefits. For instance:
  • Receive recognition from Center for BrainHealth on social, on the web, and more
  • Get VIP invitations to select events during BrainHealth Week
  • Have access to a partner toolkit that includes template messages, logos, social media assets, and more!
If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or community partner, contact Jeremy.Kaspar@utdallas.edu.